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10 Ideas To Incorporate Interactive Technologies Into Your Event

“It seems that all modern events are striving to use cool technology and be more interactive. In reality, though, many events are just churning out the same old ideas, rather than offering anything innovative.

The technology is out there, but budget can often be a limiting factor to trying something new. We have put together a round up of tech well suited for events and share the lowdown on how you could be using it, important considerations, and how much you can expect to pay to rent it for your event. We also outline the pros and cons of off-the-shelf and custom content and give some tips on getting the most from interactive technology.
Here are 10 exciting technologies to enhance your event”:

1. Mirror Signage

What Is It?

Mirror signage is a mirror and signage hybrid display combined. It can give a reflection of the user and also share additional digital information or advertising.

How Can Event Planners Use It?

Mirror signage can be used to share scheduled information or marketing messages for your event or sponsors in an unusual way and make the most of every square inch of real estate. It can be programmed to show advertising which then stops when the proximity sensor determines that someone is nearby and needs to use the mirror, before automatically starting again after a period of inactivity. Alternatively, the advertising can show on part of the screen even as the mirror is being used.

2. Touch Screen Kiosks

What Is It?

From display stands for tablet devices, through to standalone, large 55”, touch screen displays, kiosks can offer interaction and self-service functionality at events.

How Can Event Planners Use It?

Touch screen kiosks can allow event organizers to serve up information to attendees and enable the visitor to select what details they want to explore. For instance, they could bring up the floor plan and be given precise instructions to navigate from their location to a specific area of the event.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

What Are They?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with by an individual, via a headset, in a seemingly real or physical way.

How Can Event Planners Use Them?

Virtual reality headsets can transport attendees to another world and is guaranteed to intrigue and excite attendees. It offers an immersive and believable experience. Off-the-shelf content is available, such as walking with dinosaurs, flying or a car race track. Bespoke, branded VR content can be developed for a company too.

4. Gaming Consoles

What Are They?

Video consoles are computers or devices that can be used for interactive gameplay between one or more players.

How Can Event Planners Use Them?

Gaming consoles can be used for competitions and team building activities as a fun participation element to a larger event. It can be a great bonding activity and get the adrenaline pumping. A leaderboard can be set up and managed throughout the whole event and a crowd will often gather to cheer on the competitors. It doesn’t have to be a stationary activity either, motion sensors, mats and boards mean that games to get the heart racing can be a welcome change of pace from conference information sessions. Check out the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller for new technology options.

5. Video Walls

What Are They?

A video wall is a series of screens tiled together and seamlessly integrated to create a larger display area.

How Can Event Planners Use Them?

Video walls can create the wow factor in a variety of ways. They can create an immersive presentation experience in the main conference room, add the wow factor to a venue or exhibition stand, be used in a meeting room to connect participants in different locations for a virtual meeting, or be used to live stream content.
There are many creative ways to display content. A live camera feed can be shown or scheduled content can be shown to communicate brand or event messaging. When placed in high traffic areas it can ensure that you capture attention and communicate important information to guests.

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